All About Kanopy!

Beginning Saturday, June 1, 2024, the streaming service Kanopy will be available to all Rodgers Library patrons! 

Kanopy offers free access to thousands of movies and television series with just your library card!

Each month, patrons are allotted 15 Kanopy "tickets" from the Rodgers Library, which reset on the first day of the month (Note: unused tickets don't roll over to the next month). Movies range anywhere from zero to five tickets to view. To learn more about Kanopy's ticketing system, click on the "How tickets work" link below.

The Kanopy platform specifically curated for children's content, "Kanopy Kids," incurs a maximum cost of 5 tickets for the month!

Beginning Saturday, June 1, visit and follow the prompts to input your library card credentials - and begin streaming!

For more information on Kanopy, visit these links:


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